• To provide fair, transparent and accessible services for applying to courses and other learning opportunities.
  • To be the first and most trusted choice for high quality information and advice about options for progression.
  • To be the leading course search provider for higher education courses and a wide range of other learning opportunities.
  • To develop and share rich community and user-generated content which inspires and supports learners who want to progress in education.
  • To engage actively with non-traditional learners and support widening participation.
  • To maintain the integrity of a trusted national admissions service for full-time undergraduate courses.
  • To provide efficient, reliable and innovative admissions services that meet the varying needs of education providers.
  • To give higher education providers the opportunity to build affinity with prospective students and provide services which support the active recruitment of students.
  • To offer innovative analytical products and services which support the effective planning and management of admissions and widening participation.
  • To provide a trusted source of information for teachers, parents and advisers to support and motivate learners as they progress in education.
  • To extend our reach to those who advise the full diversity of learners in a wide range of settings.
  • To provide information and training resources to those wishing to expand their knowledge and effectiveness as advisers.
  • To provide accessible tools and systems that teachers, parents, and advisers can use to support individuals and groups of learners making their choices about qualifications, educational progression, and applications to courses.
data and analysis
  • To be the recognised primary source of intelligence about demand, progression, participation and admissions in UK higher education.
  • To improve public understanding about education progression by developing and sharing insights with customers and stakeholders.
  • To use our data to support widening participation and fair access to higher education.
  • To be known as an independent and trusted commentator on the currency of qualifications for progression.
  • To be recognised as an innovative and accessible source of data and analysis.
  • To develop comprehensive, agile and cost-effective data and analysis services.
  • To develop UCAS Media’s business in a way which complements and extends UCAS’ mission.
  • To assist universities and colleges in connecting with prospective students through digital channels.
  • To leverage our brand, digital footprint and data assets, to generate funds which support innovation and reduce the costs of using our services.
  • To develop relevant and appropriate commercial partnerships that offer value and support to learners.
  • To ensure that our activities deliver public benefit aligned to our charitable objectives.
  • To deliver shared services and drive operational efficiencies that provide value to customers and minimise costs to the higher education sector.
  • To secure our customers’ loyalty through exemplary customer service, trusted relationships and deep understanding of the higher education sector.
  • To be an innovative digital business which optimises the use of technology to improve services and minimise cost.
  • To collect, manage and protect our rich data assets to facilitate the delivery of high quality products and services.
  • To develop and maintain a motivated and digitally literate workforce.
  • To implement a business model which ensures UCAS services are self-funding.